Stories From the Bow Seat

2017 Winner: Make a Wave (High School Poetry)

2017 Ocean Awareness Student Contest: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Award in the High School Division

Isis Huang
Age 16
San Leandro, California

“Make a Wave”

Let’s make a wave.

Let’s not fall victim to drowning ourselves
In suffocating slivers of synthetic,
Drift towards the neon light
Of a flashing reusable sign
Embedded on a cloth tote
And see that miracles can happen
With you.

Let’s not smudge the dirt our fingerprints manifest
On the sand’s sanctuary
That we do not have the right to exploit,
Pick up the steel metal contraptions we litter
And maybe then
We can see the halo over a golden paradise.

Let’s not surrender to the deceiving charm
Of a fin from the Atlantic White Shark
Of a hair accessory from the Hawksbill Turtle
Of a necklace from the Coral Reef
All dipped in the feeble cries of a death preventable,
For there is a shimmering beauty
In the way the sun spreads its lights
Over a true peace.

Let’s not make our oceans bruised
In darkening shades of oily black and blue
And acidic red.

Let’s make a wave.


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Student Reflection

In my heart, I know we can prevent all and any type of ocean pollution there is. I know it, and if we all work together, it is within our reach. I have been known to chase the impossible, but this is not impossible, and with this poem I want to show the world that this is a likely future. But then some might wonder what exactly can we do? I decided to answer this question. We can start with the little things. We can use less plastic in our everyday lives, we can keep our beaches litter-free, and we can stop the entrapment and deaths of innocent marine animals. With just these three tips, I believe we can do so much and see so much improvement. We can all make a wave; we can make our oceans clean and healthy again. And once we do, we can finally say that our oceans are beautiful once more.

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